What to do in Taranto


Stroll, tour the monuments, chat with people! Even a tasting of seafood or a visit to the small fishing market can be unique experiences. The territory offers charming walks and rare emotions.

Dolphin sighting - Ketos Museum

The city coat of arms celebrates an important linke: the dolphin is the symbol of the city of Taranto, linked to the myth of its foundation.

Thanks to the Jonian Dolphin Conservation the presence of these marine mammals is not only protected and monitored, but also made available to tourists and Taranto inhabitants.

On board the Taras catamaran you will sail for sea excursions that give you the opportunity to admire the dolphins, and not only, in their natural environment, an emotion that has nothing to do with the experience of a dolphinarium!

Circummarpiccolo route - Visit to the "Palude La Vela" natural reserve - visit, walks and motor activities in the Cimino Park

The sinuosity of the Mar Piccolo opens to the north of the city, a real inland sea that extends northwards for about 20 km.

Inside it there is the WWF oasis Palude La Vela, rich in species of aquatic birds and with seabed rich in fauna such as seahorses.

It is possible to visit by boat the citri, underwater springs of fresh water of karstic nature, while on the north bank of the first cove, marked but a bit abandoned, at the moment, you can visit the mouth and the short course of the Galeso river, mentioned by Horace, Virgil and Martial for the richness of its territory and its enchanting landscape.

Taranto also offers many other unmissable experiences, including breathtaking views, seaside restaurants and culinary specialities. It is a unique experience to visit it!

These are just some of the historical, artistic and natural landmarks that Taranto offers to those who visit it; the trip to the capital of Magna Graecia will enrich you with a magnificent human and cultural heritage, which deserves to be (re)discovered and loved.

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