Media Library


The stories told through the objects on display at the MArTA can be explored also via audio-visual media. Our Multimedia Library contains all the A/V material you need to explore the only Spartan colony of the entire Magna Graecia.

MArTA behind the scenes

MArTA - 3D Virtual Tour

Coin Treasure from Specchia (Lecce)

Cataloguing and digitizing MArTA's Collections

DR. Anna Consonni
Faiance Balsamarium

The sarcophagus of the Athlete from Taranto

Digital Lab

Dr. Lorenzo Mancini
Zeus from Ugento

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Project
Part 1

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Project
Part 2

Vinicio Capossela Italian Song Writer
reads Alessandro Leogrande

MArTA's new website launch

Presenting MArTA’s
new visual and digital identity

L'Italia Chiamò
MArTA Museum in MArTAvisione

The prosaic comedy – Part 1

The prosaic comedy – Part 2

Dinos with the myth of Eracle and Busiride

Dr. Luca Di Franco
Attic Sarcophagus with naval battle

Dr. Sara Airò
Small hoard of gold coins

Dr. Anna Consonni
The Venuses of Parabita

Dr. Luca Di Franco
Head of Herakles

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