Useful information



  • The Museum welcomes families with children and baby strollers
  • Abide by the indications on the signs in the Museum. You must not touch any collection object on display.
  • You are not allowed to bring and consume food and drinks in the Museum.
  • You are not allowed to bring into the Museum umbrellas, luggage, backpacks or bags larger than the authorized size.
  • You are not allowed to bring into the Museum knives, scissors and/or other metal tools.
  • You must not bring into the Museum any type of firearm and/or hazardous material.
  • No armed visitor –even endorsed firearms licence holders– is allowed into the Museum.
  • You must not smoke anywhere in the Museum (this prohibition extends to the use of electronic cigarettes).
  • Animals are not allowed in the Museum except for guide dogs for the blind, provided they are on a leash and muzzled, and companion animals certified as pet therapy animals. To facilitate reception and entry procedures, you need to announce your visit at least one day in advance by e-mail to
  • You must not use your phone in the exhibition rooms. You are asked to turn your phone to silent.
  • You are not allowed to use stands and/or professional equipment for filming or photography. Any such use must be authorized by the Museum Management. You are not allowed to use selfie sticks. You must make arrangements in advance and in writing with the Museum’s management to take professional photos and videos. Send your written request for authorization to
  • You must not use any laser pointer within the Museum.
  • Should you lose your belongings, you are asked to make a lost property report at the reception desk on the ground floor; the staff will check for any found property. Should you realize you lost your belongings after you leave the Museum, you can write for assistance to Please note that items found and not claimed within the same day will be put in storage at the Museum and then delivered to the competent law enforcement officers.
  • Papers, cans, bottles or other waste cannot be disposed of within the Museum, except into the special containers that are placed only outside the display areas (main entrance, atrium, snack area, toilets) for safety purposes.

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