The MitoMania Exhibition Catalogue. Rediscovering stories about men and heroes.

19 April 2020 19 April 2020

The idea of the MitoMania exhibition, “Rediscovering stories about men and heroes” was prompted by the desire to give back important archaeological objects such as the ceramic masterpieces produced in Apulia and share them with the community of which they are the legacies.  The objects had been illicitly removed from their context during clandestine excavations in Apulia and have been returned to the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto thanks to the joint action of the Carabinieri Unit for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The catalogue is a collection of contributions relating to the Apulian production of ceramics, the relationship between the images painted on the pottery, funerary aspects and theatrical themes, as well as insights into the illicit trafficking of antiquities and restitution procedures for cultural property.

Download the cover and the index.

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