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30 July 2019 30 July 2019

Our Museum Director, Eva DEGL’INNOCENTI, will present the new visual identity of the MarTA on Tuesday, 30 July 2019 at 10:00 am, in the Meeting Room of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto.

The new coordinated image of the Museum is part of an extensive renovation and cultural enhancement project called the “MArTA 3.0 “, funded by the ERDF’s 2014/2020 National Operational Programme on “Culture and Development”. As part of the project the MArTA, which is one of the most important archaeological museums in the world for the history of its collections and the rich cultural heritage of its surrounding territory, will radically change the way visitors engage with the Museum.

After a public tender, the implementation of the new project was assigned to a temporary association of companies formed by: Never Before Italy, a marketing consulting company and Meeting Planner, a company of the meetings industry that also specializes in destination management.

“The aim of the MArTA 3.0 project,” as Director Eva DEGL’INNOCENTI has explained, “is to renew, supplement and extend the array of cultural resources the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto offers by leveraging the most modern ICT technologies and delivering innovative and interactive contents to enhance the emotional involvement, empowerment and social engagement of visitors”.

During the meeting open to the public, Director Eva DEGL’INNOCENTI will present the new visual identity of the Museum to the media and the community.

The new coordinated image of the Museum is the first step of this exciting cultural challenge which includes restyling the Museum’s logo, renewing the Museum’s online and offline communication strategy and a new website. All this be illustrated by Director Eva DEGL’INNOCENTI and by Gaetano CONTENTO, the CEO of Never Before Italia s.r.l., the communications agency that has helped create the Museum’s new image.

The morning session of the meeting will end with a workshop: “Inspire The Future. How New Technologies Change the Cultural and Tourist Industries”. The Workshop will be held by the world-renowned speaker and innovator Alberto MATTIELLO, Head of Future Thinking – Wunderman Thompson, Miami.

“This process of innovation,” Director Eva DEGL’INNOCENTI said, “is part of a broader strategy for the requalification and revitalization of the MArTA as a cultural hub.  Our intent is to permeate the social and cultural fabric of Taranto, its surrounding areas and the Region of Apulia, generating a virtuous circle that supports, forms and informs processes of social innovation”.

Alberto MATTIELLO is one of the most renowned experts in technology and business innovation. As of 2013 he has directed “Future Thinking”, Wunderman- Thompson’s international innovation hub that helps companies find an ideal blend of marketing, technological innovation and emerging business models. He teaches Digital Marketing and Innovation at Bocconi University and is a member of the scientific committee of Confindustria, the General Confederation of Italian Industry.

How does technological innovation change the social role of cultural industries?

How do technologies help us imagine new experiential events and activities that compete with the world of entertainment and increase our reach with visitors?

How do the metaphors used by museums change and how do relations with the community change?

How can museums become cultural hubs that narrate precious lessons of history and project into the future the meaning of these lessons for our society?

During the workshop, dedicated to the cultural and cultural tourism industries, Alberto MATTIELLO will answer key questions regarding the on-going changes in the industry and their impact on its future.

This is the morning program:
10.00: Welcome Addresses by Authorities
10.15: Presentation by MArTA Director, Eva Degl’Innocenti
10.35: Presentation by the CEO of Never Before Italia s.r.l., Gaetano Contento
10.55-11.15: Break
11.15: Workshop:  Inspire The Future. How New Technologies Change the Cultural and Tourist Industries by Alberto Mattiello (Head of Future Thinking – Wunderman Thompson Miami)
13.00: Meeting Wrap Up.

Participation is free of charge, subject to availability.

Presentation of the new visual and digital identity of the Museum.

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